Metal fascia and soffit systems, especially aluminium, are an ideal alternative to plastic, offering a long-lasting, lightweight, easy-to-install solution.

ARP’s Trueline range of aluminium fascia, soffit, copings, cappings and flashings are made to the exact dimensions for your project. Made from high quality, strong and durable aluminium, which will enhance your project’s architectural elements and increase its expected life span.


ARP Trueline aluminium fascia and soffit for commercial propertyTrueline soffit can be used behind architectural guttering or form an integrated eaves/soffit feature incorporating concealed guttering.

The soffit pressed range is available in a variety of girths from 250mm to 525mm and in various profiles. Other profiles and girths available please enquire.

Fascia Boards

ARP Trueline Aluminium Fascia and Soffit Trueline fascia board is fabricated from 2mm and 3mm aluminium alloy sheet, pressed to shape to suit individual project requirements and all necessary fixing holes are pre-drilled. Our fascia system is made in pressed aluminium and is available in a variety of profiles and girths from 175mm to 900mm. Other profiles and girths are available.

Wall Coping & Cappings

Hurst Green - Trueline Wall Copings v1Our complimentary wall coping system is one of the most effective and economical means of protecting and weatherproofing new and existing wall structures. It also provides a long-lasting, attractive, cosmetic finish to the line of any building.

Bullnose Fascia

The bullnose fascia range is available in girths from 600mm to 1000mm and up to 3 metre lengths, pressed in aluminium sheets of 2mm or 3mm to suit your requirements. With its low maintenance and high durability, Trueline is the ideal range of components with which to emphasise the architectural impact of the building. Other girths and profiles available.

Column Casings

The column casing range is available in girths from 600mm to 1000mm and up to 3 metre lengths. The column casings are an aesthetically pleasing option to disguise structural supports or to enhance the features of a building. Other girths and profiles available.

All Trueline components can be Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) to a colour of your choice.  We have over 200 standard colours and a choice of finishes.  Some colours or finishes may incur a surcharge or a longer lead time – ask for more details or request a sample.

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