The Power of Powder

All of our aluminium systems come with a powdered polyester coating that can be customised to match or contrast with windows, doors, brickwork, render, even corporate colours –the only restriction is imagination. We apply it ourselves at our production facility in Leicestershire, so we are 100% in control of the quality and consistency of the process.

Powder coating achieves more than just good looks for our products:

  • It allows us to achieve a wide range of finishes for our aluminium systems: matt, satin or gloss. On period properties, we can achieve a leatherette finish like at this lovely Victorian Home in the Midlands
  • Most importantly it offers a strong layer of protection against corrosion, damage, and fading
  • It’s incredibly colour-durable
  • Achieves a consistent colour finish across the piece
  • It produces much thicker, even coating than conventional paints without dripping, running or sagging

But what is powder coating and how does it work?

Powder coating is a dry finishing process wherea pigmented powder-essentially paint without the solvent to make it liquid with a similar consistency to flour – is applied to the surface of the metal in a process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) with a spray gun that applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles which are then attracted to the grounded metal. Then a curing oven applies heat to turn the coating into a protective, robust, and beautiful coating in any RAL colour.

It is usually around 60 –80 microns thick, that has a life expectancy which can easily exceed 20 years without degrading. Once it is cured, it is much more resilient than wet paint, making the finished aluminium resistant to fading, corrosion and marks.

We supply our guttering in 17 colours as standard – including the enduring popular anthracite grey – but we can produce aluminium in literally any RAL colour you wish, if your project runs to more vibrant colours like this project at Legoland in Windsor. And if necessary we can supply aluminium panels, copings, soffits, fascias, window pods and canopies, all powder coated with a hard wearing marine grade polyester powder coating to protect the aluminium from erosion by the sea air.

Ask us how we can help to achieve long-lasting, appealing finishes on your next project using powder-coated metal building components.