Storm Warning!

They say prevention is better than cure. As autumn leaves fall and winter fast approaches, now is the time to give your guttering the once-over and ensure it is in optimum condition to cope with the stormy weather that is inevitably coming our way. That way, you can avoid costly repairs and damage to the fabric of your home if the guttering fails.

One of the beauties of ARP aluminium guttering is that it requires virtually zero maintenance: in fact, we generally recommend that you wipe it down with soapy water, but should we get struck by big storms this winter, we take a look at just a few of the things you need to be doing to give your guttering a fighting chance of withstanding the next storm that hits and avoid the need for a gutter repair.

The first problem to look out for is gutters blocked by weeds or debris that can cause flooding and water damage to the fabric of a building.

Blocked gutters might be easy to spot – water pouring from the gutter during heavy rain or dark marks on the external wall. Look out for damp patches on internal walls, as these could be due to leaking or blocked and broken gutters or downpipes.

An easy but damp way to check for blockages is to go outside to see what is going on when it is raining. If water spills out of your gutters, it’s advisable to get up and look at the first opportunity.

Another symptom of blocked plastic guttering is the dreaded sag. Debris buildup and the water collecting behind it can place too much stress on plastic gutters causing them to sag and putting undue pressure on brackets and fixings.

While you are up checking out your guttering, have a look at those brackets and connectors to make sure they are still secure. Ensure that none of the seals between gutters and fittings has become dislodged, leaving gaps that could lead to leaks.

If there is a leak in a joint between lengths of guttering or sections of downpipe, then the seals need to be repositioned or replaced.

Of course, these problems are a thing of the past with ARP Mustang seamless guttering.

Because Mustang is made on-site to the exact measurements of the job, there are no joints which means no leaks and no unsightly connectors for perfect, reliable, watertight guttering every time.

Unlike UPVC systems, ARP aluminium guttering undergoes minimal movement or expansion/contraction at the gaskets in extreme weather conditions, so the system continues to work perfectly throughout its long life. And with metal fittings and fixtures, there is no chance of snapping in freezing weather, as can happen with plastic systems.

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea, you should check your guttering more often since the harsh saline conditions can strain your gutters.

We recommend every six months if you live five miles from the sea and every three months if you live closer.

If necessary, we can supply aluminium panels, copings, soffits, fascias and canopies, all powder coated with a hardwearing marine grade polyester powder coating to protect the aluminium from erosion by the sea air.

If you’d like to learn more about how our aluminium rainwater systems can keep your property safe and dry this winter, call us on 0116 289 4400 or find your nearest Mustang installer.