Legacy Plain Half Round Gutters


Legacy cast aluminium plain half round guttersOur Legacy cast aluminium plain half round gutters are available in various sizes and are supplied with a complete range of accessories, such as angles, outlets, stop ends and brackets.  True and faceted radius gutters are also available.

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise stated.

Legacy Plain Half Round Aluminium Gutter Size Graphic
100 (4")47
114 (4½")51
125 (5")59
150 (6")63
1Internal Stopend8135° Internal Angle
290° External Angle9Side Fix Rafter Bracket
3135° External Angle10Gutter Length
4Fascia Bracket11Union Connector
5Running Outlet12Top-Fix Rafter Bracket
6Rise and Fall Bracket13External Stopend
790° Internal Angle