Javelin Half Round Steel Gutters


Half round steel gutters give you an easy-to-install, attractive and long-lasting drainage solution for your property.

The Javelin Steel Rainwater System is available in two sizes: 125/87mm and 150/100mm. We have a complete range of steel downpipes and guttering accessories, such as angles, outlets, stop ends and various brackets.

Available in a range of colours. Galvanised steel gutters are finished with a Zinc Magnesium coating.

Copper gutters are available with 99% copper purity.

ARP Leicester
125 (5")6286
150 (6")8697
Javelin Steel Guttering System - Half Round Steel Gutters
NumberItemARP CodeMan Code
1Universal StopendSHRSECU
290° External AngleSHRAX90KE90
390° External Angle with UnionsSHRAXU90KEB90
4135° External AngleSHRAX135KE135
5Top Fix Rafter Gutter Bracket 185mmSHRBRT185CJ
6Gutter Joint ElementSGJEEJ
73.0m Gutter LengthSHRG3JB
8Gutter Overflow Element - StraightSHROE180PP180
9Top Fix Rafter Gutter Bracket 270mmSHRBRT270CJL
1090° Internal AngleSHRAI90KI90
1190° Internal Angle with UnionsSHRAIU90KIB90
12135° Internal AngleSHRAI135KI135
13Union ConnectorSHRUCBJ
14Gutter Overflow Element 90° AngleSHROE90PP90
15Fascia BracketSHRBFCPU
16Top Fix Gutter Bracket SupportSSBRTPPC
17Side Fix Gutter Bracket SupportSSBRSPPCR
18Gutter Stabiliser ArmSHRSASJ

Low Maintenance Steel Gutters

The Javelin Steel Rainwater System combines functionality, durability and aesthetics, using high-quality steel in its construction.


SSAB Swedish Steel

SSAB steel products have been extensively tested for over 40 years in different parts of the world to ensure they can endure severe weather and climate conditions. These conditions include wind, rain, snow, salt water, ice, UV radiation, high humidity and storms.


GreenCoat BIO Patented paint technology

The GreenCoat paint features a bio-based coating which uses a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil fuel oils.

This unique, patented solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly – and it makes the GreenCoat colour-coated steel gutters the market’s greenest offer for roofs and façades.

A reliable steel rainwater system

The chemical composition of the GreenCoat paint offers excellent resistance to UV and corrosive factors.

The zinc layer protects against corrosion; the higher it is, the better the performance.

The surface is slightly textured, and the primer coat is the same colour as the paint to help protect against mechanical wear.

Fine scratches appearing during handling or installation will not be visible.


Extended Warranties

Extended warranties, compliance with European standards and quality assurance through actual testing have become a priority for SSAB. This Swedish steel manufacturer goes further than EU regulations require: 30 years corrosion warranty and 15 years warranty for colour retention.