Colonnade Cast Collared Square Rectangular Rainwater Pipes


Our Colonnade aluminium cast collared square rectangular rainwater pipes are available in various dimensions and are supplied with a complete range of fittings such as bends, branches, offsets and various brackets. Choice of square or radius edge.

76mm Sq Sq edge Profile
A (mm)A (inches)
76 x 763 x 3
101 x 1014 x 4
101 x 764 x 3
Colonnade Square cast collared layout
1Pipe Length with Ears
2Pipe Length without Ears
392.5° Bend (Handed)
4112° Bend (Handed)
5135° Bend (Handed)
692.5° Branch (Handed)
7112° Branch (Handed)
8135° Branch (Handed)
9Water Butt Rainwater Diverter
11Small 1 Part Swan Neck
12Large 1 Part Swan Neck
13Adjustable 2 Part Swan Neck
14Plinth OffSet
15Access Pipe Length
16Loose Collar with Ears
17Loose Collar without Ears
18Flush-fit Pipe Clip

Composition and Manufacture

  • Aluminium alloy LM27 to BS1474:1972
  • Marine Grade
  • 100% recycled aluminium and 100% recyclable
  • Special fittings can be provided
  • Mill finish or powdercoated to specific RAL/BS colour
  • Lightweight


To be fitted on Colonnade Flush Fit, 30mm Stand-off or 30-200mm Adjustable Stand-off Pipe Clips at 2m maximum centres in accordance with BS8230 and to be fastened to substrate with M5x50mm stainless steel screws