Standard Paint Swatches

Polyester powder coating is a surface finish applied to our aluminium roofline and rainwater products in a solid, powder form after careful pre-treatment of the surface. The coating is fused by heat to produce a continuous film and curing of the coating gives its design properties. The result is a high-performance finish that delivers exceptional corrosion protection, durability and resistance to yellowing making it suitable for exterior use. The process is virtually emission-free, so environmentally friendly.

  • The coating thickness is normally 60-80 microns.
  • The finished product is protected from the elements.
  • Colours are stable for years to come.

We can supply our aluminium with a PPC coating to a colour of your choice – a standard range of RAL and BS colours are available. Non-standard colours, finishes or marine-grade coating is available but may incur a surcharge.

Touch up paint is available for repairing minor blemishes and coating onsite cuts.

Gloss Levels

Matt (30% +⁄-5%):
A matt finish due to the low gloss level is very good at concealing surface imperfections. Due to the textured finish, the surface is more difficult to clean than a surface with a higher gloss level. Unless stated otherwise this is the standard finish supplied.

Satin (70% +⁄-5%):
A satin finish is not as reflective as the gloss finish and because of this is less likely to show any surface imperfections. Satin finishes also provide a good surface for cleaning and resisting abrasion.

Gloss (85% +⁄-5%):
A highly reflective smooth surface. Gloss surfaces due to their highly reflective appearance tend to highlight surface imperfections.

We recommend customers choose a matt finish as the glossiness tends to dull over time.

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