New Design for Sentinel Range Helps Improve Lead Times

New Design for Sentinel Range Helps Improve Lead Times

ARP, a market leader in the supply of aluminium rainwater and roofline products is proud to continue on its pathway of bringing innovative design to the market, with the improvement of its Sentinel range of guttering to include a new jointing system for its Sentinel half-round snap-fit guttering and an upgrading of all associated components.

ARP has seen a sharp increase in demand for its contemporary Sentinel range, as specifiers and end users alike recognise the benefits of longevity, width of colour options and cost effectiveness over upvc systems, so the delivering of a simple no-mess jointing system is very timely.

18 months in the planning, the new jointing system works through a simple process of injecting silicone into a specially designed port in a joint (or stop end) and then letting it cure, leaving no silicone residue. In addition to this, all of the components within the Sentinel Beaded Half Round range and the Vintage Ogee range have been completely redesigned and feature very defined lines and a superior surface finish, which makes these systems some of the most striking within the aluminium rainwater sector.

ARP believes in the importance of continued advances within its supply process, so significant investment has been made in building stocks of all the new components ensuring that they can be classified as “off-the-shelf” and satisfy the demand for short lead times.

All of these progressions are part of a plan which will bring a number of new products and design elements to the market in the coming months.

Sentinel Beaded Half Round Outlet – Tapered

Sentinel Vintage Ogee Running Outlet Standard

Sentinel Aluminium 135° Universal Corner

Sentinel Beaded Half Round Union

Sentinel Vintage Ogee Stop End

Sentinel Beaded Half Round Stop End