Metal Guttering: A Guide to Metal Rainwater Systems

Metal guttering systems are a pivotal component in the architectural anatomy of buildings, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. These systems are designed to efficiently channel rainwater away from the structure, safeguarding the integrity of the building and its foundations.

Opting for high-quality guttering, such as copper guttering or galvanised steel gutters, is paramount, as it ensures longevity, minimal maintenance, and enhanced curb appeal, harmonising with the property’s overall aesthetic.

ARP has an extensive range of metal gutters and gutter profiles available at competitive prices, suitable for any property.

What is metal guttering?

Metal rainwater systems are made from various gutter materials like aluminium, cast iron, or steel. These systems collect and divert rainwater from the building, protecting the roof, walls, foundation, and landscape from water damage.

Metal gutters, like those manufactured by ARP, are meticulously designed to ensure optimal functionality and performance. They are available in a range of styles, sizes, and finishes, including painted aluminium and black finish, to suit different architectural needs and preferences, allowing for a seamless match with any property’s exterior design and colour scheme.

Understanding metal guttering

Metal guttering systems are integral components of building structures, designed to manage rainwater effectively, preventing it from causing damage to the building’s foundation and exterior.

Metal rainwater systems, including cast iron and aluminium rainwater systems, plus our recently introduced Javelin steel rainwater products, are functional plastic alternatives known for their exceptional durability.

Metal building products have many benefits beyond durability and add aesthetic value to the property, enhancing its overall appearance.

Is metal guttering better than plastic?

When comparing metal and plastic alternatives for guttering, several distinct differences and advantages come to light:

  • Durability & Longevity: Metal gutter systems, including our steel range, are inherently more durable and have a longer lifespan than plastic gutters. They can withstand heavy rainfall and resist extreme weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Metal guttering offers a more refined and elegant appearance, suitable for modern and heritage buildings. The availability of different metals and finishes allows for a higher degree of customisation, enabling property owners to enhance the aesthetic value of their buildings.
  • Environmental Impact: Metal guttering systems, especially galvanised steel, are a highly sustainable and fully recyclable alternative to plastic guttering, reducing the environmental footprint of the building.

Maintenance: Metal guttering requires adequate maintenance but is generally more durable and corrosion-resistant, especially when coated with protective layers. Naturally corrosion-resistant aluminium systems are virtually maintenance-free.

Different types of metal guttering

Understanding the different types of metal guttering is crucial in selecting the most suitable system for your property. ARP manufactures and supplies various metal guttering systems in various styles, each offering unique benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Aluminium guttering systems

ARP’s aluminium guttering range is renowned for its lightweight properties, durability, and anti-rust properties, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of properties.

Aluminium offers endless possibilities and can be supplied in various popular styles, allowing for a seamless match with the property’s exterior.

ARP aluminium fascia and soffit systems are available in over 200 RAL colours to match your painted aluminium gutters.

Traditional cast iron guttering systems

Our cast iron range is especially suitable for period properties and heritage buildings, meeting the stringent requirements for conservation, heritage, and listed buildings.

ARP’s Britannia cast iron guttering systems combine traditional aesthetics with modern manufacturing techniques, providing a durable and visually pleasing rainwater solution that stands the test of time.

Steel guttering systems

Our newly introduced Javelin steel rainwater system is modern, lightweight, and easy to install. Steel rainwater products are environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, and have a high zinc magnesium coating, offering a high protective layer against corrosion.

Available with a galvanised finish or coated in a range of colours, including anthracite grey, black, and white. Colour steel gutters are finished with a layer of SSAB bio-based GreenCoat paint.

Our steel gutters and downpipes are compatible with our range of guttering components, including outlets, hoppers, and fascia brackets, for a seamless and professional installation.

Galvanised guttering is coated with a 310g zinc magnesium layer, providing superior protection against rust and corrosion. This makes it ideal for areas with high rainfall or harsh weather conditions.

Ease of installation compared to plastic

Our attractive metal guttering systems are designed for easy installation by homeowners and tradespeople.

Detailed installation guides are available for all product ranges to ensure a hassle-free experience and optimal system performance once installed.

ARP has a team of experts who can provide specialist advice and technical support for any special or non-stocked items or advice on the installation process.

Bespoke options

We offer a range of profiles and styles, including radius guttering and cast aluminium gutters manufactured to replicate the appearance of cast iron.

Bespoke items and decorative items are available for aluminium products. ARP can manufacture bespoke aluminium window pods, door canopies, fascia and soffit systems, coping, and other roofline products to the exact measurements of your building, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Metal paint colours

With our on-site polyester powder coating facility for aluminium and a wet paint line for cast iron gutters, you’ll have a vast choice of popular colours and styles. Aluminium products can be finished in your choice of over 200 RAL colours.

Technical support

Contact our sales team to discuss your project. Our technical support team can help find the right guttering system for your project, with an in-house CAD team available to design bespoke systems if needed. We have an extensive stock of cast iron and galvanised steel guttering products, with short lead times for painted products.

Where to buy ARP metal gutters

Choosing a metal guttering system from ARP means opting for durability, sustainability, and quality. Whether aluminium, cast iron, or steel, each material offers unique benefits and applications suitable for various properties.

We encourage you to explore our comprehensive range of attractive metal gutters and rainwater systems and get in touch for technical advice or more information.

ARP products are widely available across the UK through independent builders’ merchants, national chains, and specialist online suppliers.

To find your nearest retailer or to discuss opening a trade account, contact our Sales Office on 0116 289 4400 or via our contact form.