How To Start a Seamless Aluminium Gutter Business

A seamless aluminium gutter business specialises in installing seamless gutters.

You’ll produce gutters on-site from a seamless gutter machine that creates long lengths of aluminium gutters to fit the exact dimensions and requirements of any building perfectly.

If you are a roofer or roofing contractor, you will no doubt be keeping a weather eye on the economy and the health or otherwise of the building market.

When a recession is coming, you might also be thinking about ways to recession-proof your business: controlling cash flow, reviewing inventory, and looking for new services to offer – to open up new revenue streams.

Maybe you are looking for new strings to add to your bow; perhaps now is the time to offer to supply and fit extruded aluminium gutter systems like the ARP Mustang® seamless aluminium gutter system.


Mustang approved seamless aluminium gutter business owner


Introduction to seamless aluminium guttering

Seamless aluminium gutters are an excellent choice for homeowners who want a durable product with little maintenance and an attractive addition to any home.

Climate change and the cost of living crisis have forced housing associations and local authorities to look for durable, eco-friendly, cost-effective building materials. 

Using recycled and recyclable materials, such as aluminium, can significantly reduce the embodied carbon of a building.

Reducing maintenance or eliminating frequent refurbishment and replacement programs also minimises the building’s future carbon footprint.

Offering seamless aluminium gutters allows you to bid for local government contracts and tap into a vast potential market. 

A seamless gutter machine allows you to roll out aluminium gutters in lengths of up to thirty metres. This technology eliminates the need for joints in your gutters, creating a reliable, leak-free system. 

You’ll be able to create a neat, maintenance-free product of the highest quality, giving your customers peace of mind and the added extra visual appeal of smooth neat lines. 

As part of our dedication to sustainability, we are proud to offer seamless gutter coils made with a minimum of 78% recycled content. Plus, 95% renewable hydroelectricity powers the manufacturing process.

ARP’s Mustang Seamless Aluminium Guttering System is the only BBA-approved seamless aluminium gutter system.


Become an approved installer with ARP

If you’re ready to take advantage of this growing market opportunity, become an approved installer with ARP, the UK’s sole distributor of the IronMan™ seamless aluminium gutter machines.

Becoming a Mustang® approved installer will give you access to exclusive services and support to grow your business and stand out from your competition.

With access to comprehensive training, exclusive promotions and marketing materials – not to mention the latest and most innovative seamless gutter machine on the market – you can confidently start your seamless aluminium gutter business with ARP.

ARP can offer a uniquely tailored service to contractors seeking involvement in the seamless gutter market.

IronMan gutter machines have a proven track record. KWM has manufactured gutter machines to the highest standards for over 50 years.

If you are looking for new strings to add to your bow, perhaps now is the time to offer to supply and fit extruded aluminium gutter systems like the ARP Mustang® system.


uPVC vs Seamless Aluminium

uPVC GuttersSeamless Aluminium Gutters
Has joints that leak over timeMade from continuous lengths – no joints
Fades in colour over timeColourfast
Waste created during installation from cut endsWaste free. Made on-site to exact dimensions
Components wrapped in single-use packagingRecycled cardboard only
Requires ongoing maintenanceLittle or no maintenance
Life expectancy 15-20 yearsLife expectancy 30+ years


Why wait? Start your own seamless aluminium gutter business today!

There are more than 40 Mustang® Approved installers across the UK, ranging in size from sole traders to large multi-team operations.

Since we launched our Mustang® system in 1991, our installers have rolled out more than twenty thousand miles of seamless aluminium on projects across the UK.

We’re always ready to work with the right people, and running a successful gutter business demands particular skills.

While you don’t need experience in the roofing industry, you must have the motivation, enthusiasm, and drive to take charge of your business and direct your team forward.


What are the benefits of becoming a Mustang® Approved Installer?

By becoming a Mustang® approved installer, you can confidently start your seamless aluminium gutter business.

With complete autonomy over your stock and workload, you’ll never have to wait around for someone else.

Our portable gutter machines allow you to take on jobs quickly without waiting for materials and supplies. After finishing one project, move on to the next – no more wasting time waiting around!

You’ll benefit from the three decades of wisdom and expertise we have acquired from importing KWM IronMan™ Machines.



Benefits of becoming a Mustang® approved seamless aluminium gutter business owner:


BBA-Approved guttering

Mustang gutters comply with the relevant requirements of building regulations in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland and are BBA Certified.


Full seamless gutter machine training

We offer full training in how to produce and fit the system.

Mustang seamless gutters are made to fit the building perfectly, extruded on-site using IronMan™ Machines.

ARP can fit your seamless gutter machine to the back of a van or trailer.

These intelligent machines roll aluminium coils through special non-stick, non-slip rollers to create perfect, uniform, made-to-measure gutter lengths.

Our custom IronMan™ Machines even mark the gutter to show where to place brackets after installing the gutters, leaving no room for error.

Once trained, each relevant team member will be a BBA-certified seamless aluminium gutter installer.


Regular inspections

ARP carry out regular inspections and audits so your customers can be 100% confident about the quality of your work.

Mustang® is the only BBA-approved seamless aluminium system.


More customers for your seamless aluminium gutter business

As an approved installer, your details will feature on the Find An Installer page of the busy ARP website, putting your business in front of potential customers in your area.

As well as receiving enquiries directly from our website, our internal team will pass your contact details on to any customers in your area who have contacted us directly.


Seamless gutter machine training

You can attend IronMan Adjustment Days, the ideal opportunity to get your Ironman™ machine inspected and adjusted for free.

IronMan events allow you to network with other roofing contractors, learn about new product developments and access technical support from experienced installers.


Seamless gutter machines for sale

ARP has several brand-new seamless gutter machines for sale.

You’ll receive comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a suggested starting stock when you buy your seamless gutter machine from ARP, giving you the best possible start to your seamless aluminium guttering business.


Apply to start your seamless aluminium gutter business with ARP

Apply to join the Mustang® family of approved installers and open up a new world of opportunity for yourself and your business – with all the support you need to make your seamless aluminium gutter business a seamless success.

Get started today. Contact us for further information about becoming an ARP Mustang® Approved Installer.

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