A Heavenly Restoration of a Grade I Listed Church

A Heavenly Restoration of a Grade I Listed Church

The restoration of a Grade I Listed Church in Exeter demanded that the contractor, architect and ARP work together to get the correct product in the right quantities to ensure that the finished job kept this beautiful church’s aesthetics.

The entire cast iron rainwater system to the church’s north and south aisles, vestry and sacristy was replaced with a new cast iron rainwater system.

In order to ensure the church’s aesthetics were not compromised during the refurbishment, all components of the new system had to be designed and constructed in exact detail to match the existing features.

The contractor, architect and ARP worked closely together to identify the best product that fit the criteria for this church renovation project. They selected ARP Britannia cast iron gutters and downpipes due to their superior durability and weatherproof performance, yet still achieving a traditional appearance in keeping with the church’s aesthetic.

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