Sloping Aluminium Coping

The Whitburn Coastal Conservation Centre features sloping aluminium coping from ARP. The centre was built to highlight the area’s rich heritage, focusing on marine conservation. As part of the SeaScapes project, the facility offers space for volunteer groups and educational activities for the public and officially opened in January 2024.


Project background

The National Trust wanted to build an indoor area for education and awareness of marine conservation areas, giving visitors a place to learn about the wildlife and heritage of this part of the Tyne and Wear coastline.

The conservation centre was to be built next to the beautiful Souter Lighthouse, bridging the gap between the historic building and its natural surroundings.

The Grade II-listed Souter Lighthouse has stood proudly between the Tyne and the Wear since 1871 and was the world’s first lighthouse purpose-built to use electricity.


Designing with lightweight high-quality aluminium coping

Newcastle-based MawsonKerr Architects were tasked with designing an energy-efficient building that harmonises with its surroundings, prioritising using sustainable materials and achieving a low carbon footprint.

Architectural drawings indicated that the roof would be visible from the Lighthouse. The placement and design, along with attention to the roof finish, are crucial to the aesthetic appeal of the overall design.

Barclay Roofing was appointed to supply and install a sustainable, corrosion-resistant roofing system. Durable aluminium coping is a sustainable choice, robust enough to withstand the challenges of marine environments while seamlessly blending with the aesthetics of the building.


Bespoke aluminium wall copings

The sloping design of the roof called for a bespoke aluminium coping system, and this is where ARP was brought in. The Barclay Roofing team have installed ARP aluminium fascia and rainwater systems for several years and contacted us to discuss design options for the sloping coping system for the challenging building envelope.

Area Sales Manager Simon Blake visited the site with Barclay Roofing’s Brian Foster before sending measurements and sketches to the ARP technical team to design the aluminium coping system and other bespoke items.

Proposal drawings were designed and the aluminium sloping coping was fabricated and given a polyester powder-coated finish in anthracite grey.


Aluminium coping range – 40-year life expectancy

The environmental conditions at Souter Lighthouse were a key consideration for this project. The coastal environment is harsh, with high levels of rainfall, saltwater exposure and strong winds. This aggressive environment and extreme weather can be particularly challenging for metals.

The polyester powder coating process creates a long-lasting barrier against the elements.

Embracing sustainability in construction aligns with the ethos of sustainable development and encourages eco-conscious practices in conservation efforts. Aluminium copings benefit from longevity, reducing the need for future maintenance and replacements.


The result – Whitburn Coastal Conservation Centre

The modern building seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings while paying tribute to the iconic Souter Lighthouse. The finished building embraces its surroundings and has been praised for its unique design, blending seamlessly with the existing landscape.

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Thank you to the National Trust for allowing us to share their photographs and discuss the remarkable project in detail.

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