Irwin Place – Architectural Aluminium

Irwin Place is a stunning coastal property on the east coast of Guernsey. Designed by architects at The Drawing Room, this is a prime example of how bespoke architectural aluminium systems can be incorporated to create a stylish and sustainable home.

The project began with demolishing the upper floor and roof whilst retaining the lower floor structure. This enabled the team to form new vaulted roof shapes coordinated with the rooms below, creating a spacious, light-filled home.

The Drawing Room’s Director, Tom Bourgaize, commented, “We are really happy with how the project has turned out. The fascias and downpipes enabled us to make a striking feature of the roof forms. Using an aluminium system meant we could conceal fixings and completed junctions and join panels in a discrete but durable way.”

To complete the outdoor aesthetic, roofing specialists from Sarnian Roofing were commissioned to install the bespoke aluminium rainwater and roofline products. Aluminium was selected for its durability in the harsh coastal environment while remaining lightweight for easy installation.

Charles Bartlett, Contracts Manager at Sarnian Roofing, contacted ARP – a leading manufacturer of aluminium rainwater products – to provide the bespoke fabrications for the project.

Charles praised ARP as the ideal supplier for this exceptional project. “After using ARP Ltd for many years, they were ideal to help out on this fantastic project.”

ARP supplied bespoke aluminium fascia, copings, and Colonnade aluminium downpipes. This robust and stylish solution was chosen to fit in with the coastal environment and its varying weather conditions.

ARP’s CAD team designed the bespoke aluminium fascia and coping to the project’s exact specifications, working with Sarnian Roofing throughout the process.

Sarnian Roofing and ARP have worked together on various projects for several years. Irwin Place is a prime example of a supplier and contractor collaborating to produce a stunning finish.

The high technical detail ensures the installation offers maximum performance, longevity and style for this coastal property. The specification required various products in varying sizes, all tailored to fit the shape and size of the home’s roofline. This allowed the aesthetic to flow seamlessly around the home’s external walls and corners.

The bespoke aluminium products supplied by ARP are designed to last more than 30 years, making them an ideal choice for a coastal property such as Irwin Place. The longevity of these materials ensures that this stunning coastal property will look just as beautiful in decades to come.

Irwin Place is now a stunning example of how architectural aluminium products can create a bespoke and sophisticated home without compromising performance or aesthetics.

The combination of roofing expertise from Sarnian Roofing, quality bespoke aluminium fabrications from ARP and expert design by The Drawing Room has resulted in a stunning coastal property for Irwin Place. A perfect balance between style and sustainability, this modern home is a prime example of what is achievable when selecting the perfect materials for any project.

Irwin Place has all the elements for an impressive coastal home, from its sleek and sustainable fascia and coping system to its bespoke aluminium downpipes. The result is truly spectacular – a modern architectural gem in an idyllic setting.

The successful realisation of Irwin Place stands as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between The Drawing Room and an exceptional team of consultants and tradespeople.

Having reliable suppliers like ARP is crucial when designing a project like Irwin Place. Our bespoke aluminium fabrications allowed Sarnian Roofing to play a part in creating a sustainable home that will stand the test of time.

The magnificent Irwin Place project has been featured in prestigious magazines and received widespread acclaim as an exemplary representation of contemporary coastal architecture, showcasing its technical brilliance and expertise.

We’re proud to have played our part in the success of this project, and we look forward to offering our expertise on similar projects in the future. We hope that Irwin Place inspires anyone looking to create a sustainable, beautiful home with aluminium products.

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