No. 9 of 10 Reasons to Choose Seamless Aluminium Gutters

No.9 – Seamless gutters are colourfast

We often don’t notice our guttering and downpipes. This functional product is mostly overlooked, with most external renovation thoughts focused around new windows or a new front door. But what about when they start to detract the look of our homes.

If you were to look at your current gutters, chances are they are fairly old and are plastic. When installed they were black but what colour are they now? The easiest way to see the original colour is to look at the unexposed side of the downpipes. Plastic or uPVC gutters are susceptible to fading in UV sunlight. Therefore, after several years, the clips, pipes and gutters are all different shades of what the original colour was.

Seamless aluminium gutters are manufactured on-site from pre-coloured coil. This coil is specifically designed not to fade and resist the rays from the sun. In normal circumstances, the colour will not deviate from the original for 20+ years and after that period only a marginal shade difference will be seen.

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