No. 8 of 10 Reasons to Choose Seamless Aluminium Gutters

Seamless gutters create no additional waste

There has been a lot of publicity and media attention recently focused on the issue of waste. Why? Whilst the environmentally-conscious would like us to use less natural raw materials, less embodied carbon and alternative methods of manufacture, but there is another reason. China.

Up until July 2017, China was the main importer of plastic waste from countries around the world including the USA, Japan, Germany and the UK. Between 2014-16 the UK exported 800,000 tonnes of plastic per year and 500,000 of this was sent to China (HMRC UK trade info website). In July 2017 they decided that they will no longer accept “foreign garbage” as the start of a move to upgrade their industries.

This is the main reason why the issue is being highlighted. The UK Recycling Association have admitted that it lacks the current capacity to process the levels of waste that has been sent to China. UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove has stated that the only way to address the problem is to reduce the amount of plastics used.

The Construction Industry is the 2nd highest consumer of plastics in the UK, behind the Packaging Industry. So, if there is to be a reduction, there needs to be a change to what has been done previously.

Today, when installing plastic gutters, the installer purchases the required number of set 3, 4 or 5 metre sections and components. These are then measured and cut to fit the required final measurements. This will leave several offcuts that will not be used. In addition to this waste, each component is supplied in single-use plastic wrappers, which also needs disposing of.

By comparison, seamless gutters are manufactured on-site to the exact dimensions of the building, i.e. you only make what you need. ZERO WASTE. Each coil can produce up to 137metres and has a recycled cardboard outer and inner coil. All components are supplied in cardboard boxes wrapped in paper protection or for larger quantity items, such as aluminium hangers, woven bags.

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