No. 2 of 10 Reasons to Choose Seamless Aluminium Gutters

Seamless gutters have low embodied carbon

There is currently a lot of press coverage and public opinion about the environment. The latest UK election, Greta Thunburg and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid (2019) all are saying that we need to change the way we impact the planet. One area that is highlighted and agreed upon is that we need to reduce the amount of embodied carbon created by the way we exist. The targets being suggested is that we become carbon neutral by 2050, but some experts suggest that this is not quick enough.

Aluminium has seen a resurgence in popularity particularly on its suitability for the circular economy and its low embodied carbon. Whilst products made from virgin aluminium are not going to help in reducing embodied carbon responsible sourcing can turn this around. “Environmentally friendly” aluminium must have two main attributes – manufactured from a high percentage of recycled material and manufactured using green energy sources.

Through ARP’s commitment to best material practices and responsible sourcing, our seamless gutter coils are made from a minimum of 78% recycled content and is manufactured using 95% hydroelectricity. By choosing gutters from ARP you are contributing to the reduction in embodied carbon and meeting the targets that scientists are insisting upon.

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