No 10 of 10 Reasons to Choose Seamless Aluminium Gutters

Seamless gutters don’t expand and contract

One of the biggest issues that affect rainwater gutters is expansion and contraction, i.e. the product increasing or decreasing in length as the temperature changes. If a system is incorrectly installed or doesn’t allow for this movement, it will either buckle, if the product expands, or joints separate if the product shrinks.

If your guttering is leaking then the main reason will be down to the dimensional change that has occurred over time. It is difficult to resolve as, when you repair the leak in the summer, the problem may reoccur in the winter.

Seamless gutters have a very low expansion coefficient or seamless gutters don’t expand and contract as much as any other material. Seamless gutters also are made in a continuous length, so there are no joints that can separate. There is only a requirement to allow for this expansion and contraction if the gutter length is over 30metres. In addition to this, correct installation instructions require the hanger to be placed at 450mm centres and screwed directly through the back edge of the gutter, holding it in place.

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